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Service Level Agreement Template


Have you ever wondered what kind of information should be in a often discussed but seldom seen Service Level Agreement?

We have taken a lot of the guess work out by creating a template for you to use that helps define all the major areas that should be considered when creating an agreement between the service provider and their customer for a service. 

Our SLA has most of the information pre-populated with a simple email service as an example. Its easier to write your own service level agreement when you have the ability to model something after. 

Our SLA covers all major aspects of a service and is in an easy to read, referenced format that maps directly to our Service Level Agreement Monitoring Chart (SLAM Chart template), sold separately. With the combination of the Service Level Agreement and the SLAM chart you can prepare professional looking and comprehensive service level agreements with your customers then, demonstrate compliance with those commitments through an easy to use format.

To make things even easier, we also offer Operational Level Agreement templates to put the appropriate agreements in place to support or underpin the services you provide to your customers. These OLAs are also available to download. 

Our SLA includes the following topics:

  • Service description
  • Service scope
  • Agreed service hours
  • Availability 
  • Reliability
  • Capacity
  • Continuity
  • Security
  • Incident management response
  • Request fulfillment response
  • Change management response
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reporting requirements
  • Scheduled review
  • Amendment procedures
  • Escalation
  • Authorization

Our templates will help get your ITSM initiative up and running by providing the guidance and structure to map out your organizations success. Have access to our library saves you time and money from having to create these documents yourself as well as greatly reducing your exposure to loosing credibility with your customers by putting things into agreements with them that they simply do not understand or are not important to them.


  • License to use this document for one organization only
  • Immediate access to your document via digital download 
  • Service level agreement template training video
  • Support from virtual consultants to answer basic questions about the policy statement
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