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Request Fulfillment Policy Toolkit


Has your organization decided to implement the Request Fulfillment process but something just isn't right?  

Many ITSM implementations start off on the wrong foot because they don't have a clearly defined vision, mission, goals or objectives. Our REQUEST FULFILLMENT policy is just what you need. This policy statement is a great starting point for standing up a new process or correcting issues with an existing process. 

The problem is this: People come to training and find out about best practices, they come to realize the importance of having good policy statements, they go back to their organization and try to create a policy only to find that it is more difficult than it seems.

We aim to straighten out the learning curve by doing much of the heavy lifting for you.

This document is built with input from our team of professionals and can be customized quickly to your organization. 

This policy statement includes the following items pre-populated with items that would apply in most organizations and are aligned to industry best practices:

·      Process overview

·      Process Vision

·      Process Mission

·      Scope

·      Business Rules for Process Execution

·      Business Responsibilities

·      IT Responsibilities

·      Shared Responsibilities

·      Process Governance

·      Inter-process Relationships

·      Escalation

·      Authorization

·      Acceptance

·      Process specific terms of reference

Why spend days trying to figure out what should go in a policy statement battling back and forth with others trying to come to agreement? Our template will take you 90% of the way, all you need is to add the organizationally defined specifics and you are set.



  • License to use this document for one organization only
  • Immediate access to the document via digital download 
  • Access to the policy template training video
  • Support from virtual consultants to answer basic questions about the policy statement

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Request Fulfillment Policy.jpg
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