Edge believes in being green! In an effort to be kind to the environment, our company has started transferring our courses over to electronic format for all of our students. Enrolled students can receive their iPad before the start of class and download the courseware to get an early start!

 Register for our promotion and receive an iPad with any qualifying class. 

·      No trees are destroyed to make your courseware

·      No carbon added to the atmosphere from delivering courseware

·      No waiting to have access to the material

·      No bulky course manuals to store or dispose of after the class is over

·      Yes, you can update your courseware at any time after the class is over (so you have the latest version)

·      Yes, you can use your ipad for our other courses

·      Yes, this will save you money in the long run!

We are confident that you will enjoy our class and love having your courseware on an iPad. If you get in on this promotion today you will also receive $150.00 off your second class! (this offer cannot be combined with any additional discount)