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    5 days in classroom or virtual


The Network+ course is designed to teach IT professionals the basics and fundamentals of networks and their management. This course is one of CompTIA's suite of courses intended to give people some valuable education and certification that can be used to advance their career in IT. 

The Network+ course in intended to provide a general overview of networking infrastructure and best practices and does not focus on a specific manufacturer or product.


     Expert Instructor lead training

     Accredited course material

     Study guide to assist with exam preparation

     Access to Certmaster

    (Exam N10-004)Examination fees included*

    Pass for sure commitment*


The CompTIA Network+ (Exam N10-004) Consist of Training from all 5 Domains

Domain 1.0 – Network Architecture

    Explain the functions and application of various network devices

    Compare and contrast the use of networking services and applications

    Install and configure the following networking services/ applications

    Explain the characteristics and benefits of various WAN technologies

    Install and properly terminate various cable types and connectors using appropriate tools

    Differentiate between common network topologies

    Differentiate between network infrastructure implementations

    Given a scenario, implement and configure the appropriate addressing schema

    Explain the basics of routing concepts and protocols

    Identify the basics elements of unified communication technologies

    Compare and contrast technologies that support cloud and virtualization

    Given a set of requirements, implement a basic network

Domain 2.0 – Network Operations

    Given a scenario, use appropriate monitoring tools

    Given a scenario, analyze metrics and reports from monitoring and tracking performance tools

    Given a scenario, use appropriate resources to support configuration management

    Explain the importance of implementing network segmentation

    Given a scenario, install and apply patches and updates

    Given a scenario configure a switch using proper features

    Install and configure wireless LAN infrastructure and implement the appropriate technologies in support of wireless capable devices

Domain 3.0 – Network Security

    Compare and contrast risk related concepts

    Compare and contrast common network vulnerabilities and threats

    Given a scenario, implement network hardening techniques

    Compare and contrast physical security controls

    Given a scenario, install and configure a basic firewall

    Explain the purpose of various network access control models

    Summarize basic forensic concepts

Domain 4.0 – Troubleshooting

    Given a scenario implement the following network troubleshooting methodology

    Given an scenario, analyze and interpret the output of troubleshooting tools

    Given a scenario troubleshoot and resolve common wireless issues

    Given a scenario, troubleshoot and resolve common copper cable issues

    Given a scenario, troubleshoot and resolve common fiber cable issues

    Given a scenario, troubleshoot and resolve common network issues

    Given a scenario, troubleshoot and resolve common security issues

    Given a scenario, troubleshoot and resolve common WAN issues

Domain 5.0 – Industry standards, practices, and network theory

    Analyze a scenario and determine the corresponding OSI layer

    Explain the basics of network theory and concepts

    Given a scenario, deploy the appropriate wireless standard

    Given a scenario, deploy the appropriate wired connectivity standard

    Given a scenario, implement the appropriate policies or procedures

    Given a scenario, install and configure equipment in the appropriate location using best practices

    Explain the basics of change management procedures

    Compare and contrast the following ports and protocols

    Given a scenario, configure and apply the appropriate ports and protocols


    Help desk staff

    Networking technicians

    Desktop support technicians

    Storage technicians

    Students looking to gain a better understanding of networks

    Managers with IT


    There are no specific prerequisites

    Basic understanding of computers and networking is preferred

    6 months or more of IT experience is an advantage

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Network Plus Book Cover.jpg