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Introducing RESILIA™

Edge is please to announce the addition of RESILIA to our training offering. RESILIA represents the latest thinking and approach to Cyber Security. 

At the heart of RESILIA is the idea that Security is much larger than just having the right technology and a few technical specialist in place. Good security has to be woven into the culture of the organization and must be driven from the top down.

In addition to a wider scope than other frameworks, RESILIA also follows a lifecycle approach to ensure that Cyber security is aligned and remains aligned to the needs of the business. 

RESILIA™  is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited



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Press Release, Announcement

IT Service Management Templates are now available

One of the comments we have heard for years about courses and the best practices in general is that "the library references specific documents like SLAs, OLAs, SLAM charts, and policy statements but, there aren't any of those available in the actual infrastructure library for us to use in our organization".

Of course consultants are more than happy to come in and help you create your own policies with their input, for a hefty fee!

If you are a self starter and you have a good understanding of the ITSM processes, as well as the other supporting documents, we offer a great value for money. Our ITSM policy documents are 90% complete. Just put in your company specific information, add or subtract some of the fine points in the document to make it applicable to your organization, socialize it with top management and  you are on your way!

Policy statements are one of the first and most important elements of standing up ITSM best practices in an organization. Without clear direction and understanding of what the business is trying to achieve, processes can never hope to help the business accomplish their strategic goals and objectives. 

You simply cannot figure out how you are doing to do something unless you first completely understand what it is you are trying to accomplish as well as why you are trying to accomplish it in the first place. Our templates help iron out all of those details.

Don't be fooled by other companies trying to sell you a bundle of documents for hundreds of dollars with what will eventually amount to being a whole lot of fluff. Download just the document(s) you need for the processes you are trying got implement. 

To make life even easier for you, Instead of having to read through dozens of documents to figure things out watch our instructional videos (access is included with your document purchase) on how to use the document(s) to provide their greatest benefit.

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Announcement, Press Release, New Class

Edge IT Training and Consulting joins CompTIA partner program

Edge IT Training and Consulting is very pleased to announce that we have recently been accepted to participate in the CompTIA training partner program. This represents a big step in enabling our organization to provide a full line of accredited training courses for students regardless of where they are in their career. 

As part of the training partner program, Edge IT Training and Consulting has gained access to very valuable resources and some of the finest training material available today to help students prepare for and pass their CompTIA certification exams.

Be sure to check out our updated training catalog for the most recent information on all of our CompTIA courses.

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